Woman Walking

This summer, back in England for a few months of respite, I bought my first one person tent. Exhilarated by the freedom of no fixed destination and no need for one, everything I needed on my back, I headed off into the Cumbrian fells. Solitude and Nature are the rarest things in my life in Athens,... Continue Reading →


The Absurdity of Borders

Last week my friend’s dog came to Greece. My friend, from Iran, fled the regime of his country over a year and a half ago. ‘Illegally’ crossing the border into Turkey, paying a smuggler a small fortune to ‘illegally’ take the treacherous boat journey across the short stretch of sea to Greece. The dog travelled... Continue Reading →

Updates from Athens

Khora Community Centre I have been based in Athens for the past year, part of a small collective called Khora. After months of preparation and building works we've now been running as a community centre since the beginning of October. It has become a vibrant, dynamic, well-used space, with people from many different places working and sharing together, and... Continue Reading →

Life in Athens

At the end of January I went to Lesvos to volunteer with the refugee crisis there. Lesvos is the Greek island where at the time more than half of new arrivals were landing by boat from Turkey. I worked with a kitchen in an independent camp, serving sometimes 6000 meals a day. I imagined I’d... Continue Reading →

Building a Community Centre

Khora, the group I am part of in Athens, are renovating an 8 storey building into a community centre that will offer an essential array of resources to refugees in the city. It feels like such an exciting project in an incredible space. The building used to be a print works. We've been busy with the... Continue Reading →

My Nomadic Life

For several years I had been feeling increasingly dead in my life, stuck in a sense of boring sameness and playing small. I took a couple of long trips away hoping to shake everything up and bring more adventure in, but I came back into the same work and habitual life with nothing really having... Continue Reading →

A shout out for old smart phones

It is very apparent that for so many people caught up in this refugee crisis, a smart phone is just about the most precious of possessions. For someone with no money, having their phone break, or lost or stolen is a small disaster. I am gathering second hand smart phones that are in good working order,... Continue Reading →

The People I Meet Here.

I'm leaving Athens again in a couple of days, back to the UK for a few weeks of work. It has been such a rich, varied, intense, harrowing, moving time here. What stands out the most for me again, is the personal contact with the people I meet here. This simple human to human contact... Continue Reading →

Halwa, showers and English lessons

Here's what I've been up to the last week in Athens. A group of us made Semolina Halwa - a middle eastern dessert as a dinner time treat for those living at the port in Athens. 6 massive pans worth. Helped out by a young Greek neighbour who was intrigued by what we were doing, with regular visits... Continue Reading →


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